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ABOUT MECall me Sumana!

I am Sumana an aficionado of painting keen to follow my passion. From my childhood I was attracted to visual arts. I picked up the brush at an early age and am still continuing. I specially enjoy imparting this art to enthusiasts of all ages. I spent my childhood in Kolkata India and attended art classes in parallel to academics. I work on a variety of mediums incluing Oil, Acrylic, Water Colours, Pastel & Sketch. I am based in Baden Switzerland for more then a decade, all the while pursuing my interest through conducting workshops, coaching, venue decor apart from indulging in practising art whenever I get time.
Pencil Sketch & Drawing
Pastel & Acrylic
Water Colour, Oil Painting & Craftwork.

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Baden, Switzerland
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
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